Indiana Primetime Baseball started in 2012 and quickly grew to over 21 teams by 2018 thanks to quality coaches and player development.

We now carry 14 very competitive teams for the 2022 season ranging from 7U-17U with a continued emphasis on player development through training at Finch Creek Fieldhouse and PRP Baseball to help our players and teams compete at the highest levels.  We also have a very strong and experienced coaching staff with over half of our coaches having collegiate playing experience and/or high school coaching experience who teach the proper fundamentals and baseball IQ.

We are proud to feature the #1 ranked 2021 9U team in Indiana by Midwest Baseball Ranks as well a 2021 10U team which was ranked 9th in the state!

As a program we are proud and honored to have have helped send 25 players between the 2020-2022 graduating classes on to play college baseball!

Our 2022 7U-12U Teams amassed a record of 198-137-5 and our top teams at each level which competed at AAA/D1 compiled a record of 161-95-5 with a total of 17 championships and 2 Finalists!

2022-2023 Player Fees:  Fees include Winter team practices at MojoUp Fieldhouse at Finch Creek, Discounted training options with PRP, 2 Nike Jerseys, 1 Nike Dri-Fit alternate jersey, practice shirt, 2 pairs of pants, and 2 hats.

Teams 7U-13U will practice one day a week on Sundays from January-March then typically practice twice a week from April to mid July with one outside practice and one indoor practice.  These teams will typically play between 30-55 games.

Teams 14U-17U will practice one day a week on Saturdays from January to mid March then practice one day a week from June to late July.  These teams will play 6-8 tournaments.

7U – $1,300, 8U – $1,350, 9U – $1,450, 10U – $1,500, 11U – $1,600, 12U – $1,600  13U-14U – $1,800

15U – $2,000 (PO $1,400), 16U – $2,200 (PO $1,400), 17U – $2,300 (PO $1,400)

DirectorMatt Nicholson




7U: Jamie Vaughn

8U: CJ Webb 

9U: Cam Branock, Kenny Meeks, Adam Maze

10U: Joe Haley

11U: Jasen Branham, Nathan Towle

12U: Brent Crow

13U: Chris Barry

15U: Phil Deiter

16U: Jonathon Willoughby

17U: Jacob Douglas

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