The 2024 Solar eclipse is set to be a major event!

In the event of a solar eclipse, the moon comes in between the Earth and the sun, blocking its light from reaching a small part of our planet. Partial eclipses, when some part of the sun remains visible, are the most common, making total eclipses a rare sight to behold. The 2024 Solar eclipse is the first total Solar eclipse in Indy in over 800 years. This eclipse is expected to have a totality twice as long as the one in 2017 and will be the last chance to see one for another 20 years!

Indianapolis is set to be a major viewing area for the Solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 with the partial beginning at 1:50pm with the maximum totality from 3:06-3:09pm and partial ending at 4:23pm.

Come view the Solar Eclipse at MojoUp Sports Complex!

$100 a car (no person max) Must show ticket/receipt upon entering the lot. Lot opens at 11am and all cars must exit by 4:30pm. You will also have access to the facility for open courts/open play. We will have concessions available as well.